7 types of self-care that don’t cost a penny (and aren’t taking a bubble bath).

Self-care. We talk about it a lot. I talk about it a lot. But every time you open a magazine or online article it shows images of girls wrapped in towels at a swanky spa or, failing that, with a towel turban on their head in the deepest bubble bath. For a lot of us – usually the most frazzled ones – spa days are off the cards. Whether it be because of time, money or just not liking them. However, we do still deserve, and damn well need, some self-care. So below are…

7 things you can do for yourself to give you a little bit of space and calm.

self-care gardening
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1. Get outside

Whether you have a garden or can get to a park or towpath, self-care can just be taking 30 mins to just walk around listening to the birds and looking at which flowers are blooming right now. Watch the bees buzzing around and just relax. If you’re like me and feel like you should be doing a task at all times (yes, something I’m working on) then use those 30 mins to weed. Gardening is one of the best mindfulness activities I’ve found so far – no wonder older people enjoy it so much!

2. S-T-R-E-T-C-H

After sitting at a desk or kitchen table for a few hours you can feel like the hunchback of Notre-Dame, so make sure your flexing those muscles and looking after that spine. There are loads of short videos of yoga and pilates moves you can do which will get you moving again and, bonus, your blood flows better too so you may be more productive and feel less lethargic.

self-care knicker

3. Sort out your knicker drawer

Yes, I know it sounds weird but there’s nothing more catharic and inwardly empowering to get rid of your grey, old knickers. Tell yourself you are worth more than primark, threadbare thongs or BHS battered bloomers and get them in the recycling bag. Even if it just means you pick up another pack of brazilian briefs at Tesco you still aren’t wearing skanky pants anymore. I’ve also been using the Marie Kondo folding technique for ages now which makes my underwear drawer look even more inviting!

self-care coffee with friend

4.Meet up with a friend for a coffee

Ok, so that might cost you a couple of quid if you go out but chatting to a friend for half an hour at lunchtime can be the reset button you need for the afternoon to go well.

self-care make up

5.Put on ALL your make up

Hands up who used to do this in their teenage years? Well, get that makeup drawer out and go crazy. Fancy trying a YouTube tutorial you’ve seen – do it. Want to perfect your winged eyeliner? Get practising. If you get it right take all the selfies for evidence. If not, it’s been half an hour of self-care where you have focused on you and not glanced at facebook once.

self-care read a book

6. Read a book

If you’re anything like me you will have at least one book on your shelf that is waiting to be read. Well, what are you waiting for? If you are too tired when you go to bed to read then carve out half an hour at lunch or whilst tea is cooking to sneak in a chapter. Nothing like escaping inside a book to make you briefly forget about the niggles of work, family, love life.

self-care go to bed

7. Go to bed earlier

After reading the book Why We Sleep*, and understanding what a lack of sleep can do to our health, both physical and mental it is crazy to see that my Fitbit usually only records about 6.5 hours worth of sleep for me. Netflix is my lure so I am now intending to turn the tv off one episode sooner than before and get in some much needed shut-eye.

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