A little rest and a lot of changes.

The last time I sat down and typed out a blog was October 2019. I was in need of a rest from pretty much everything. And what a lot of changes since then…

I left my job

I’ve been ill with all the colds and viruses

Christmas has happened

The New Year arrived

We found out my dog is poorly

I changed my spare/crap room into an office

I’m cohabiting with a boy!

Those are some pretty monumental changes right there. But bizarrely, despite the crappy ones on the list, I’m feeling pretty positive about 2020. Leaving my job, although a tough decision at the time, has been the best decision and I’m now looking at working for myself. I have a few ideas and am plucking up the courage to be brave enough to try them out. More to come on that at some point soon I’m sure!

Good times, bad times.

The best/worst thing about being unemployed over the winter period was that I seemed to get all the viruses going. It was quite luxurious to be able to actually look after myself though. Taking time out to get better with naps and healthy food, rather than trying to get back to work as quickly as possible with all the drugs and tissues alongside my laptop. It also meant, when Charlotte and my boyfriend caught the same thing, I could stick on the nurses hat and give them the time and cuddles that they needed.

Not working has also given me a kick up the arse to look more closely at my finances and just how much I wasted on not being organised. Meal plans and coffee from home in a reusable cup has already saved me money as well as saving the planet. And, after receiving a Kenwood food mixer for Christmas from my boyfriend (he did get me a gorgeous necklace as well before we make any jokes about kitchen appliances as presents) I am now making cakes for packed lunches and munchies rather than buying from Costa or similar.

Tidy house, tidy mind.

Room being decorated
tidy home office

Clearing out my spare room to make way for an office space was extremely cathartic and also gave us the much needed space so it can be used as a holding pen for all my boyfriend’s worldly goods whilst we find places for them all (well maybe not ALL but don’t tell him that 😉 ). Very excited to have him come and join the chaos but very nervous that he’ll suddenly realise what he’s let himself in for and run away but fingers crossed he’s seen enough by now that he had a good idea! Will be writing a post on how we introduced this idea to Charlotte as it can be a very daunting transition when kids are involved and I feel like we found out the tough way so hopefully you can learn from our experience! Pop a comment below if you’d find this useful!

Smiling family at ice hockey game
Freezing our bums off at our first ice hockey game.

So, I guess this post is just to say I’m back and I have lots of good posts planned for you. Again, please let me know if you’d enjoy reading about anything specific I’ve mentioned above and I shall write a post about it forthwith

Thanks for reading and a very belated Happy 2020 to you all xx

*The reusable travel mug I use is an Bodum Vacuum Travel Mug, 0.35 L – Cream at Amazon.com. This is not a paid ad for the product but, as I am an Amazon Associate, using this link may generate some revenue for me.


  1. Jo - Cup of Toast

    29/01/2020 at 5:39 pm

    I’m sorry to hear about your dog, hope it something that can be treated? Excited for your 2020 plans though!

    1. admin

      29/01/2020 at 5:45 pm

      If I was a very rich lady then yes but sadly…she’s still a happy dog at the mo so we’ll just see how things progress ?
      Excited for yours too! X

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