A memorable date…

I’m pretty sure that there’s an episode of Sex and the City where Samantha realises half way through doing the deed that she had already slept with the same guy years before. He had remembered, she hadn’t.


Well I have recently had the PG rated version of that but switched around.  It has made me think that I may have dated everyone on POF.


Spring has sprung which also seems to flick a switch in me that wants to date again and the blossom on the trees and the sun peeking through the clouds lets me get my hopes up that maybe, just maybe there really is that one true love out there.


Hopefully he’s out there on Plenty of Fish because, for some reason God (or some other higher being) only knows, I have signed back up to the worst dating site in the world. But it does seem a little like I may have dated all the slightly eligible guys on there.


So, there I was flicking through my (slim) options and I saw a guy who I had had one date with. It was between him and my last boyfriend actually. Obviously, I didn’t choose him, not for any major reason but I wasn’t into playing games and leading them both on and Jim and I just clicked at that time.


So, being the nosey person I am, I snuck a little look at ‘the other guy’s’ profile. And then he messaged me.


“Hi, how was your day” (Hmm, does he remember me?)


“Good thanks, long time no speak, how are you?” (There, that should make him look a bit closer)


“Ok thanks, have we met before then?” (He fucking doesn’t remember, does he?!)


“Wow, glad I made a good impression!” (You kissed me you knobhead!)


“Sorry, when did we meet?”


Wow, just wow. I am that memorable! Someone who drove quite a way to meet me, kissed me randomly between dinner and dessert and told me he would like to see me again, doesn’t actually remember any of that.


So that’s it. I have dated everyone on POF and apparently, none of them have been very memorable.


Back to Mad Men on Netflix then…


Or maybe Tinder again??


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