Am I making the most of my day?

I was just lamenting to myself how much I dislike work at the moment, and that it’s really unfair that I have to spend the majority of my week there.

And then I paused.

I officially work 30.75 hours a week…although granted, on a bad week it can seem like a lot more.

I have put a stop to the working in the evenings and weekend because frankly, they don’t pay me enough and I get no thanks for it.


So, I did my sums:

I’m roughly awake 16 hours a day. 16×7 = 112 hours a week

Therefore, I am only at work 28% of my waking life.

So, what the hell am I doing with the rest of it?

Well there’s:

The morning routine, of dragging my butt out of bed and then doing the same with Charlotte, shower, breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth etc. – 1×7= 7 

Half hour commute both ways to work – 0.5×10 = 5 

15 minute school run every weekday morning – 0.25×5 = 1.25

Cooking dinner everyday –  0.5×7 = 3.5 

Bed, bath and books with Charlotte –  0.75×7 = 5.25 

Big shop once a week – 2 hours

112 – 54.75 = 57.25

So apparently, I have 57.25 hours free each week. On average 27.5 hours are with Charlotte between school and bedtime and working on the average of her being with me every other weekend.

That means I should have 29.75 hours to myself each week.  Every now and again these hours might even just be me on my own, free to do whatever I like.

So, what am I whinging for? Yes, work is crap but, in the whole scheme of things it is a small part of my week.  What I need to be focusing on is the rest of those hours and how I can counteract the rubbish 30 hours by doing exciting, productive interesting things with the nearly 30 hours I have available. Yes, I’m stuck in the house for most of them, yes, I’m a little bit knackered by that time of night and yes, I’m currently skint so couldn’t do anything too extravagant.



That’s at least 7 job applications I could apply for. I could take a distance learning course. I could bake. I could work on my future plans and learn more about areas I’m interested in. I could do my bloody ironing. I could finish all the projects I’ve half arsed in the house. I could invite friends over.

Well that sounds a bit better than slobbing on the sofa binge watching Mad Men on Netflix I guess (although sometimes that will definitely still be happening) and do you know what, after Monday’s awful news in Manchester, the incentive to make the most out of our lives has been hammered home to me a little bit more 

Right, that’s it then. Project #makethemostofyourday is now commencing.

What do you currently do in your spare time and have you ever worked out how many hours do you have ‘free’? 




  1. Kirsty

    08/06/2017 at 1:24 am

    I totally get this! I used to feel like this all of the time!

    In my free time I mong out on the sofa on my phone, play world of warcraft or simply just sleep, I don’t get nearly enough sleep!


  2. Alan

    03/07/2017 at 6:40 am

    Truths and lies about the pursuit of the online world. Very current!

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