Bank holiday blues.

It’s bank holiday Monday today so when my alarm went off at 6.15am I leisurely rolled over turned it off and inwardly did a little fist pump because I didn’t have to get up. My daughter had other ideas though. 6.34am she strolled in telling me that it was raining and so started her outer monologue for the next 10 hours.

This is a guess. It is only 8.32am and I am already pooped. We have played dolls, shops, I have ‘eaten’ endless plastic play food in the oddest combinations and we have both taken out the dog and splashed in the puddles.

We have done all of this in our pyjamas, I have not yet put my contacts in which means I still feel like I’m half asleep and I am clutching for dear life to the largest mug of coffee you can imagine. It is tepid but this is the normal temperature nowadays and I have learnt to tolerate it.

As it is grey, drizzly and fairly depressing, all plans of venturing out today have stalled so I’m wondering if I can make tidying and cleaning into a day long game? After Charlotte came back with not one, but two certificates for ‘good tidying up’ over the past month from nursery I’m thinking she has a few tricks to teach me!


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