The budget is broken

Yesterday evening you would’ve found me counting out my coppers at the Sainsbury’s self checkout because I am absolutely, 100%, completely, utterly skint. School summer holidays have been a complete eye opener this year and, despite attempting to budget for it and budgeting well for Charlotte’s birthday party, my overall budget is pretty broken to be honest.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on my blog before but when I moved house I was in the middle of selling my flat. A shared ownership flat which my ex and I owned and had lived in for 7 ish years. When we split I ‘somehow’ was left paying all the mortgage and rent and all the bills that went along with it. So, when my parents offered to help me buy I house I jumped at the chance. A chance to move on from the sad, old memories I linked with that house and a chance for my newly shaped family to grow and for me to have more control over my finances (ha ha).

Sadly that sale fell through. And so did the next one and the next one until this February when I found out that for the fifth time my flat sale had fell through.

I’m not going to lie, it knocked me sideways. Each time I got closer to the sale and each time there was another issue. Solicitors were crap. Shared ownership people were crap and sometimes it was me who was crap because I was trying to juggle too many things.

Since then it has been on the market again and nothing happened for a long time when every other time I had had another offer within weeks. All the while I was paying the mortgage, the rent, the council tax and the basic bills to keep the flat ‘saleable’.  This was alongside now having to pay for all the bills and council tax for my new house too.

I did have savings which covered me for a bit but they have now been depleted. The last bit I have is stashed away for a new kitchen that is much needed and can’t be spent on anything else.

I did have my 1% pay rise (the joys of being a public servant) and mini bonus to look forward to but my new boss took a dislike to me and gave me a shit grade at my end of year performance review which has, all in all, left me pretty fucked.

As I’m ever the optimist I can just about see light at the end of the tunnel, as finally I found another buyer for the flat. But, even once that has gone through I still have to pay solicitors fees to try and explain to my ex why, no, I don’t think he should have 50% of the equity anymore.

So not only is bank balance drained and I am eating the contents of my freezer until payday and hoping I can work from home a few days to save petrol money. My energy level is pretty low too. I suppose whilst I’m sat at home not spending money I can do my budget for next month and decide whether Netflix is an ‘essential’ item or not though.

Who am I kidding, it definitely is.

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