Film Night Friday

Many months ago Charlotte and I started a tradition which has been lovingly titled ‘Film Night Friday’. It’s a time we get to eat snacks or beige food in front of the tv and watch a film. It’s the perfect wind down activity at the end of a long week for both of us and means that we both get some time together to have a cuddle and mindfully watch a film.

What with there being 52 Friday’s in a year we have had to dredge up some oldies but goodies and if it’s payday then we might even splurge on a new one!

Katie and Charlotte watching a film


So I thought I’d let you in on what we’re watching and give you our Top 5 family films we’re loving at the moment so you can get your snacks on and join us.

1. Inside Out

A great animation about a little girl who’s moving home and school and all the emotions that go alongside that. The film focuses on each emotion being a character and then being able to affect how the girl behaves. It’s a fantastic film not only to watch but also refer back to if you have an emotional child I found. We often talk about the angry character and sadness too. The visualisation of the girls memories going into the long term memory bank is a good conversation to have when desperately trying to get your child to sleep too!

2. The Greatest Showman

If you haven’t heard about this film then I can only presume you’ve been living under a rock for the past 12 months. Great songs, great actors, circuses and for the mums Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron. Need I say more?

3. Mary Poppins

An oldie but a very goodie, and with the new sequel coming out over Christmas the perfect time to remind yourself how good it is and how bad Dick Van Dyke’s cockney accent was.

4. Jumanji

There are lots of films that came out when I was young that have dated horribly but this one hasn’t. There’s a few bits of ‘ mild peril’ so younger ones may not like it but it’s a great film and the special effects are still pretty good considering.

5. Toy Story

Still at the age of 34 I love Toy Story and thankfully so does Charlotte. We have all three films which are on high rotation as they’re so easy to watch for all ages. Rex the dinosaur is a particular love of mine. I’m apprehensive about number 4 coming out next year but in the meantime we’ll keep watching these.


This evening I’ve splurged and we’re watching Mamma Mia – Here We Go Again. We’ve been singing along to the soundtrack since August when we saw it at the cinema so looking forward to watching it again.


Let me know your favourite family film in the comments so I can try some new/old ones too!


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