Food for thought…

On New Year’s Eve 2013/14 I decided to make a resolution. Something I always half heartedly do because everyone else is, but this time it was going to be the opposite of what most people were probably promising to themselves. Mine was to stop worrying about my weight.

I had finally come to the conclusion that I would have enough to deal with in the coming year and the last thing I needed was more time in my life being taken over by thinking about food and what I could and couldn’t have and all the guilt and stress that goes along with it. I also couldn’t afford to keep paying the monthly Weight Watchers subscription, especially as it only seemed to produce me putting the same pound on and taking it off over and over again and demoralising me on a weekly basis when I stepped on the scales!!


So since then I have eaten when I want and generally what I want. I have never just eaten junk food and I do love cooking when I have the time but I am also partial to a (big) piece of cake and a glass of wine as often as possible.

Since January I have lost 10lbs.

This may not seem like much or anything worthy of a picture of me with massive trousers on and holding the waistband, showing how much I’ve lost. Hell, I haven’t even gone down a trouser size! But it has brought me back into a weight I feel happy and comfortable in. Rather than bursting at the seams I am comfortably wearing a size 14 pair of jeans, and look pretty good in them, if I do say so!

I have realised that this change is just me getting – naturally – back to me. Not the depressed, sad, comfort eating Katie but the happy (ish), confident, fun Katie. (A bit of stress never hurts either I suppose!) I am starting to look and feel like a person I am happy with and other people are starting to notice it too. I am never going to be skinny, nor would I want to be as I love my curves, but if you are struggling to take control of your weight at a stressful time then sometimes I would suggest that less is more and don’t be hard on yourself!

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