Free period.

There has been a lot of talk recently about feminine hygiene products and the tax which the government put upon them many, many years ago because, as all ladies obviously know, they’re apparently a luxury product!!

my local celeb
 Russell Howard Good News Tampon Tax
Russell Howard put it well this week on Good News and I love him for it (my claim to fame is that I paid for petrol next to him as he’s a local celeb…may have got more excited than necessary!).

This is seriously one of the most moronic taxes out there (there are quite a few to choose from granted) and it just shows that the majority of MPs are men because it recently was debated in the House of Commons and STILL was not changed! It’s not bad enough we also have to spend money on new knickers because we have, yet again, not changed at the right time or got caught out. It’s not bad enough that we have to buy our weight in biscuits, carbs and chocolate. It’s not bad enough we should all be given shares out in Neurofen as a right of passage but hey, we’ll pay 20% extra on the products that are specifically designed to help deal with a monthly thing us woman CAN NOT help. 

Some women are protesting by not wearing any form of sanitary product (even that term sounds outdated) but despite my loathing of paying VAT on what I would class as definitely essential items, I would not put anyone through having to see my ‘Texas chainsaw massacre’ debacle for 5 to 7 days every month. It’s bad enough they have to put up with my mood swings, my period clothes (we all have them don’t we??), my spotty face and my hot water bottle if they’re lucky.  

So I shall sign the petition and look into moon cups until we finally see sense and have a woman Prime Minister or, at the very least, a female health secretary who could decide to give them out free like they do with contraceptives. Lord knows, we couldn’t do any worse than Jeremy Hunt!!

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