Getting through Dry January

I’m half way through Dry January and last night Charlotte had a mega tantrum in the bath and drenched the place with water. (I currently have floor boards with no flooring so not the most waterproof setting right now.) If ever there was a time I wanted to storm downstairs and pour myself a large glass of red that would be my normal MO but, surprisingly, the pull isn’t THAT strong. In fact I decided to write this post instead, which is far more productive. (Probably not very interesting for you apologies , but more productive)

My progress so far

I haven’t yet noticed a massive difference in my sleep like some people. In fact the first three days were the worst sleep I’ve had in a long time. But I do now seem to be going to bed earlier which helps. I haven’t lost any weight but I’m not on a diet so who cares . I don’t think my skin looks any clearer but I’m hormonal AF right now so that probably doesn’t help much.

I have been drinking loads of water, but the only affect I can see from that so far is 100 trips to the toilet a day. I am only 15 days in (minus my work party in which I may or may not have drink all my months worth of alcohol) though and Rome wasn’t built in a day so we’ll see what day this face looks like on day 31.

What do I use alcohol for?

These 15 days (shhh about the work party) have definitely given me a lot of thinking space though. I’m definitely not addicted to alcohoo, but then luckily I don’t generally have an addictive personality. I have realised however that I did have a pretty big habit. A habit which got worse over the long Christmas run up. A habit that I looked forward to most evenings as soon as I came through the door. A habit which was probably costing me £60 ish a month if I didn’t go out – if I did, add another £100. A habit which cost me an extra 500+ calories most evenings. A habit which probably didn’t help my anxiety when going through stressful periods. A habit which if prolonged would have a massively detrimental effect on my health. Cocaine is more expensive and less calories but it still sounds a lot like a drug to me. One I’m not sad about breaking the habit of.

What happens next?

Will I give alcohol up forever? Probably not no. I won’t lie. I like wine and G&T and the odd cocktail with friends.

Will I considerably cut down on my previous consumption? Definitely. If these 15 days has taught me anything it’s that I don’t NEED alcohol, I’d just quite like it sometimes, thank you very much.

In the mean time I’ll just schedule this post and go and have a herbal tea before bed.

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