Happy Belated New Year

How do you start your first post of the new year? Well, that question is apparently why it’s taken me 11 days to get this up written and posted.

 If you’ve followed me for longer than a year then you know I don’t do resolutions. It just seems like you’re setting yourself up for a fall with those as they famously don’t last for longer than a couple of weeks, if that!

So I set goals.

My main goal last year was to get a new job and by pure fluke (and a lot of LinkedIn stalking) I managed that in 5 days so pretty proud of that one. The rest may not happen so easily though!

Goal 1

A couple of my goals this year will roll over from last year. The main one to be to work on myself and put myself much higher up the list than I previously have.

woman lifting weights b & w

Last year I got started on this. I started to see my PT to get fitter and stronger and a physio to sort out a long-standing back issue. Both have helped massively. This, however, is the year to sort out my mind as well. Despite my change in job my anxiety hasn’t disappeared and neither have the panic attacks (although they are much less frequent).  I did try CBT last year but it didn’t really seem to have much impact so I’m thinking about counselling to work on the ‘why’ it’s there rather than how I can cope with it being there. I am a very logical person so I feel like this would help me move forward loads

Goal 2

I would like to meet someone of course but I have come to the conclusion this is totally out of my hands. I don’t think dating apps are the way forward for me (sorry eharmony – I tried!) and I just need to see what happens.  I have also made some difficult but necessary decisions about the men who were in my life but were sopping me being open to new things.

Goal 3

I don’t do diets but…I do need to get back to meal plans and a better balance of vegetables and good protein > beige freezer foods.  I am also doing Dry January with some friends (we won’t mention my work Christmas party on 4 January!).

Goal 4

Get back to following The Organised Mum Method. Gem is my favourite instagrammer, she has also come up with the best schedule for housework which I have been using with great success for the last half of 2018. Anyone who is busy and can’t afford a cleaner needs to print out her free printables and got on it – including me!

Goal 5

I also want to work on this blog. It has kept me sane for periods of our partnership but it has lost its way a bit. I’m no longer a mother of a 2 year old with sleep problems, I can no longer talk about PND in a recent tense (and for that I am very thankful) so I need to work out what I want to talk about but mainly what you want to hear about, because if you don’t read it then i[‘m pretty much just talking to myself which I’ve been told is the first sign of madness!

So answers on a postcard please – what have been your favourite posts or topics that I’ve written about. I’d really appreciate your feedback!

Happy New Year everyone – I hope 2019 brings you to all your goals too. f

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