I have a 6 year old!

It's Charlotte's 6th birthday today, which for some reason has me feeling incredibly old!

I have a 6 year old daughter who is going into year 1. Who's loosing teeth to make room for grown up ones. Who's choosing her own outfits and, to be honest has better style that me!

This year has seen a massive change though. We have 100% taken control of her coeliac disease making her healthier all round and growing all the time. We've also worked out that, for now, she is lactose intolerant. Which has taken some adjusting for me but Charlotte has once again taken it in her stride.

She has started school and flown through excelling at most things and teaching her teacher some new Disney songs at the same time.

She's started ballet and performed in her first show which seems to have whet her appetite for any sort of performing in public. Attempting gymnastics this year. Would love to find a drama class and cheerleading class that didn't cost the earth too!

She is dealing brilliantly with new living arrangements and a live in girlfriend at daddy's house and we (Charlotte and I, not Daddy and I) are closer than ever. Which I hope continues.

6 also seems to be the age when Birthday parties aren't quite as horrendous and she can take on some hostessing duties too. She even helped decorate the cake. More to come about the party soon.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is happy birthday Charlotte. Love you to the Milky Way and 199 miles more.

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