It’s not right, but it’s ok.

People have differing opinions on blogs. Bloggers are split between those who want to profit from it, those who use it purely as an outlet or hobby and a lot of ‘on-the-fencers’ like me. Some members of the public don’t really understand what they are or how you can make money from them. Some members of the public think the people that write them are only doing it for the freebies and like the sound out of their own voices. Some people are intrigued and some people couldn’t care less.

I started my blog about 5 years ago. I knew I wanted/needed a creative outlet and, having started reading blogs whilst breastfeeding Charlotte at 3am, I thought that might be a good way to voice my opinions, frustrations and worries. It wasn’t for anyone else but me but because of my situation it wasn’t something I kept on top of…

…until I split with my then husband and was left even more alone than before. I was learning things about being a single parent that I wanted to share and I was coming upon situations that I wanted to open up about that I had not seen spoken about before but must’ve been happening to other people too. There was never an intention that people would read it but slowly they did.

I could have taken up scrapbooking.

My blog has always been a hobby for me, a sporadic ‘mean to do more’ hobby that has given Charlotte and I some really lovely opportunities over time. I have met some lovely people through my blog and my social media channels that go with it, I’ve been inspired by other bloggers I’ve connected with and have shared some of my inner most secrets and my state of mind with my readers.

So when someone I knew all but stole the name of my blog and started their own with it I was shocked that I was so angry.

This is just a hobby…

This is only a little thing I do…

It doesn’t mean much…

But do you know what? It does mean a lot to me. It’s so much more than a little thing to me. It’s been my safe space for 5 years. It’s been my little baby that I conjured up at 3am when my other little baby was feeding again for the 100th time that night. It was my confidant when my husband was pulling further and further away from me and it’s a companion now when I’m feeling lonely and need to reach out.

It’s a marathon not a sprint.

This is not a flash in the pan. I have spent a lot of hours slogging away at this blog and the fact that someone thinks it’s ok to pick up the title of all of my hard work up and use it as their own is completely disrespectful. I also work with companies who usually search the name to take a look to see if my blog is a good fit for them. Now who knows if they’ll get to me or not.

Apparently I am ‘entitled’ for wanting this person to change the name of their blog and ‘disrespectful to their mental health’ which makes me thing they didn’t read my blog at all if they think I don’t think about other people’s mental health when approaching situations but do you know what…

Game on.

I’m just going to keep doing what I do and hope that this person quickly realises how much work a blog takes to cultivate and keep going. I’m also going to read up on intellectual property rights and speak with a solicitor because, no matter how much time I give this I’m still angry and it still doesn’t feel ‘right’. So here I am climbing up to my high road wishing The Imperfect Juggler good luck, for now.


  1. Jane

    22/05/2018 at 7:40 am

    I resonate completely with blogging being a creative outlet for both your obvious writing skills but moreso as a companion when there’s no or little support around. It’s good for your wellbeing to express things & it’s good for others to resonate so they know they’re not alone, you’re doing a GREAT job! I’m sure it feels like a violation someone taking your name & if they were serious about blogging & their true reason as to why they were doing it, then they’d pick their own name. Keep being you because you are in a different league & clearly one I’d rather support.
    Much love Jane x

    1. admin

      22/05/2018 at 8:03 am

      I’ve got something in my eye! ? Thank you Jane, that’s so lovely and I’m glad that some people understand where I’m coming from xx

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