I’ve started running.



I know, that wasn’t three words I thought I’d ever see written down in my blog. Well unless it was ‘I’ve started running for the ice cream van’ or ‘I’ve started running out of gin’ or ‘I’ve started running away from my dates’.


But no, those first three words are actually true and being written down because, despite how silly it sounds, I’m actually quite proud of myself. I signed up to an amazing beginners course with no outside influence or peer pressure, I booked a babysitter so I couldn’t use having no childcare as an excuse and I bought Lycra. (Another three words I never thought I’d write down).


My shiny new trainers, specially fitted because, apparently, I have weird feet.

Ok, so I’ve only completed four week’s worth of the eight week course so far but I’m currently sat in the car waiting for week four to commence. I’m feeling a little bit apprehensive as with every week, but last week I didn’t die after running for eight whole minutes straight and the another eight whole minutes, so I’m sure 10 minutes this week won’t kill me either. I may look like I will fall over but I won’t. I can actually do this!


I owe this enthusiasm to an amazing running group with two amazing founders. The group is called Run Like A Girl and is run by two local mummies who have, so far, taught over 1000 women how to run safely and how to feel confident in finding your pace and pushing through barriers you didn’t think you could get through.


After my first run.

For some of us that is running for 5 minutes, for some of us it’s running the London Marathon less than a year after they started the course! My aspirations are not that high but I’m happy that I’m actually out, voluntarily getting fit and learning to do something I can continue to do with the added bonus that it is relatively free after you’ve bought your trainers and running gear.


Do you run? Give me some tips! How do you stop your mascara from running down your face? How do you stop your face turning beetroot red and what is your favourite piece of running kit? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Tia Caiazzo

    27/07/2017 at 5:17 am

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