Just five minutes more…

Despite having had a few days off work I am currently chugging coffee back like its going out fashion and applying extra concealer over the dark bags forming rapidly underneath my eyes. The reason, or one of them, is that my daughter has decided to drop her nap. Yes, yes it means she obviously doesn’t need it all the time as she has chosen this and it does mean that the bedtime routine hasn’t been quite so fraught and full of tantrums but has no one stopped to think about how this will affect me?


I am knackered! I make out that the couple of hours in which she naps is used to zoom around the house, do the washing, tidy up, maybe a bit of ironing and batch cooking all meals for the week but usually it ends up with me vegging with a well deserved coffee and cake, checking my Facebook! If I am feeling very lazy I will actually have a nap with her, which, at the end of yet another crazy week of work, nursery, pick ups, drop offs, food shopping and dog walks is sometimes desperately needed. So how on earth will I cope without this now? Well so far not great. I’m insisting she has some quiet time so I can have some too! How selfish am I?? But look, I’m being slightly more productive this time round…I’m writing a blog! The washing up can be done another time hey?

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