How I’m going to make Christmas shopping fit my budget this year

WARNING: There is mention of the C word in this post.


If you’re the sort of person that has Christmas perfectly planned-out, with presents bought months in advance, wrapping done and everything neatly stored away in readiness for the big day then great! Good for you. Amazing! I’m not remotely jealous.


For the vast majority of us, however, we don’t often get our butt in to gear until well into October with hours and hours of online searching being clocked up to find the best-priced toys whilst trying to hang fairy lights and your child’s most recent Christmas craft project. I’m more of a midnight Christmas Eve wrapper with a glass of something yummy and a Christmas film on the TV.

Christmas Wrapping Box


According to price comparison site UK women clock up more than 20 hours of evening screen time, Monday-Friday, from October onwards, searching for the perfect gift at the perfect price, with hours increasing by 20 per cent in November and December.


And, whilst there are plenty of comparison sites for gas, electricity and insurance products, I’m often left relying on specific shops or eBay for toys and household goods.

Christmas Shopping Bags


With however, you just type in the name of a toy and it collates them all for you by searching the best deals, and even includes eBay.


I was recently looking for Ladybug and Cat Noir toys for Charlotte and within a few seconds it brought up all toys linked to her new obsession, like this one here. I’d looked at them for her birthday but couldn’t find anything in my budgeted price range, these European superheroes can be bloody expensive!


So with October just around the corner and with my Christmas list firmly in hand, I’ll be heading over to the price comparison website to get all of my shopping list sorted early…I’ll still be wrapping at midnight Christmas Eve though!




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