Managing my mid-thirties

A couple of weeks ago I turned 35. I got to my mid-thirties. I’m on my way to 40 and another age bracket closer to 65+. How the hell did that happen? It only seems a few months ago I was at my 30th birthday party dressed as a ballerina (although the divorce diet effect has definitely worn off and I’m not sure I’d fit in that dress again). It also only seems like a few weeks ago when I wrote ’30 things I’ve learnt since being 30′ and glancing back at it, I still agree with all of them.

Thirtieth birthday ballerina - Katie is dressed as a ballerina and is blowing out candles on her cake

Times are a changing

A few things have changed since then though. I’m in a job I enjoy that doesn’t give me panic attacks daily. I’m also mum to a 7 year old now which makes life, in general, a little bit easier and, I’m also starting this year of my life in a relationship. A very different, but very welcome feeling. Yes, after 5 years of awful dates and wondering whether it is all worth it, I went on a lunch date a couple of months ago and I’m very much hoping that was my last first date for the foreseeable future.

Because of this new factor, my birthday was just that bit more special than any other recent birthdays. Not only did I get spoilt by my friends (see the amazing flamingo cake above), but I got spoilt by a (my) boyfriend which seemed very weird. Not because we haven’t been dating that long, as that all that stuff seems to have fallen in place very easily, but because it’s just something that hasn’t happened before. I could definitely get used to it though, that’s for sure.

Beautiful flowers and a very apt adult colouring in book for my mid-thirties birthday.

What would I add to my list?

So, being a couple of years older and maybe a teensy bit wiser, if I could add 5 more things I’ve learnt they would be:

31. The old adage ‘love yourself first and everything else will fall into place’ is true, so take as long as you need to feel happy with who you are and good things will come.

32. You don’t have to be busy all the time. Plan in downtime. Veg with a mate watching films and eating snacks. Read a book. Or just watch the birds whilst drinking a cup of tea.

33. Embrace your natural hair and look after it, it will make you feel 100% more confident.

34. Enjoying gardening isn’t actually that sad. If anything it is the perfect mindful activity and bonus, you get somewhere beautiful to go at the end of the day.

35. Start to look after the planet as soon as you are able. Reduce your single use plastic usage, reduce your water, chemical and artificial scent usage, Reuse whatever you can and think about buying second hand before buying new and recycle – even if your house looks like an outpost of the tip most of the time. It will make a difference.

In fact I might frame all these in my kitchen to remind myself. Let me know if you want a copy!

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