The Perfect Juggler’s Meal Plan – w/c 9 July

In order to save money and to eat better throughout the week, I’m getting into the habit of making a weekly meal plan. Yes, snooze, I know. But every time I don’t do it my brain goes to mush. My organisation goes out the window and I end up eating crap or nothing at all, of which neither is good for the new ‘healthy me’ that I am trying to sort out. It’s also not good for my pocket as I eat out or ‘pop’ into Sainsbury’s and end up spending £25!

So I thought, in order to have some accountability and to maybe inspire you to try a few different things I’d start posting my meal plans each week. I’m currently torn between online shopping and dragging myself and sometimes Charlotte around a supermarket.

Pros of online shopping are
  1. Seems easy
  2. Gets delivered to my door
  3. Don’t have to take a child around the supermarket
Cons of online shopping are:
  1. Takes time for me to find the right items as I try and save money and not buy branded items
  2. Seems to use an inordinate amount of packaging whether you ask for no bags or not
  3. Swaps can sometimes be crazy
  4. Don’t get to head to the reduced section and save money with all the yellow stickered goodies.
  5. Aldi doesn’t do it.

Anyway, I digress…

Meal plan – week commencing 9 July

(all meal plans are gluten free and usually low in lactose or lactose free)


Breakfast – Galettes with wilted spinach and cheese (made a double batch on Sunday so quick to cook). Charlotte will have chocolate spread and banana
Lunch – Greek salad with green lentils
Dinner – Chilli con Avocado – P69 in The Body Coach’s Lean in 15 red book


Breakfast – Breakfast smoothie
Lunch – Tuna steak with salsa – P58 in The Body Coach’s Lean in 15 red book
Dinner – Sausage ragu and gluten-free pasta – P143 in The Body Coach’s Lean in 15 red book


Breakfast – Greek yoghurt, gluten-free oats, honey and blueberries
Lunch – Greek salad with green lentils
Dinner – Chicken and sweet potato hash – a slight variation on P110 in The Body Coach’s Lean in 15 red book


Breakfast – Poached eggs, smoked ham and gluten free bagel
Lunch – Reheated chicken and sweet potato hash
Dinner – Chicken fajitas


Breakfast – Omelette with cheese and wilted spinach
Lunch – Chicken bacon and avocado salad
Dinner – Make your own pizza with gluten-free pizza base (use up ham, chicken etc etc)


Breakfast – Breakfast smoothie
Lunch – Use up leftovers of salad
Dinner – Date night (well I can dream anyway)


Breakfast – Gluten-free pancakes with fruit and honey
Lunch – Omelette and salad
Dinner – Roast chicken with roast vegetables and new potatoes

This week I used my £12 off £80 worth of shopping coupon at Tesco so stocked up on some household items (and wine too!). I also used the scan and shop so I could get in and out! I am also trying to buy better quality meat and save elsewhere so bought free range chicken and organic mince. I always buy free range eggs and urge you to try to too!

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  1. Isabel

    08/07/2018 at 6:27 pm

    When can I come over? All sounds delicious

    1. admin

      08/07/2018 at 6:50 pm

      Whenever you’d like! Most things I can increase or decrease. You’re always welcome xx

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