My Top 5 Podcasts to listen to and when you should listen to them.

Last year I started to listen to podcasts. I had dabbled with the Scott Mills podcast if I’d missed Innuendo Bingo or something but I had never realised the breadth of podcasts out there that cover a multitude of subjects from real-life murder mysteries all the way to pornography.

The reason I first investigated podcasts was because all the music I liked made me run too fast (in my head anyway), therefore I would tire out too quickly and have no longevity when running. I still don’t go very far but I get a little bit further because my pace has slowed down a touch. Now I listen to them anywhere and everywhere and thought I’d share my top 5 with you.

My first recommendation for a podcast is:

number 1 podcast voted by the perfect juggler


When to listen – when you are alone and will come across no one.

When not to listen – when you’re children are in earshot, when you’re walking on a busy street, on public transport or when running

What’s it about? – The vague synopsis is that a late 20s/early 30s bloke’s dad decided to write some erotica and self published. This amazing book was called Belinda Blinks. The podcast is this bloke, Jamie Morton, and his two friends James Cooper and Radio 1’s Alice Levine reading this mega cringy novel out loud chapter by chapter. Giving a scathing commentary on the ensuing ‘erotic’ storyline. If you react to it like I did then you will cry laughing and unexpectedly snort whilst in public. Running is impossible as you will be laughing too much and get stitch.

My second recommendation is:

Dirty mother pukka podcast


When to listen – for some reason I listen to this a lot when cleaning the house. Episodes are about 30 mins so you can get a good chunk done whilst chuckling away.

When not to listen – when anyone of a nervous disposition is around or any of your friends who’ve not yet been through childbirth and all the other delights that having kids brings.

What’s it about? – It is basically a graphic depiction of all things childbearing from the female side of things (with the amazing Mother Pukka – Anna Whitehouse and her two friends, and also from the male side of things (with Papa Pukka, Matt Farquerson and his two friends). They talk, in graphic detail, about everything from talking about having a baby, trying to make that baby, trying to have sex once that baby comes along etc etc. Not for the faint hearted but hilarious and touching in equal measure.

Third recommendation is:

happy place podcast


When to listen – this is my current dog walk and school trudge podcast.

When not to listen – this is a very thoughtful podcast that covers a lot of subjects such as depression, suicide, anxiety and eating disorders so if you’re feeling emotional or these are triggers for you then you may just want to check the subject content before pressing play.

What’s it about? – This lovely podcast is curated by Fearne Cotton who before a few years ago I wasn’t a big fan of. Since reading her book ‘Happy’ and following her on Instagram I realise my judginess of her was totally off base. She herself has struggled with depression and anxiety and is very aware of ensuring she puts things in place in her day to day life to keep her balanced. And this is the main crux of the podcast. Fearne talks to lots of her friends from all walks of life. Discussing how each of them gets to their Happy Place and what led them there. A really thought provoking podcast with some great guests including Dawn French, Gary Barlow, the lady who started the Coppafeel charity and Matt Haig.

Fourth little treasure for your ears is:

table manners with jessie ware podcast


When to listen – This seems to be my cooking podcast – understandably as its based around food. Great for batch cooking or prepping on a Sunday.

When not to listen – It can be quite sweary so little ears should probably be out of hearing distance.

What’s it about? – The premise of this podcast is that Jessie Ware – one of my favourite singers) and her mum invite over friends of theirs to cook for and have a good old chit-chat. Quite often no holds barred. They have had some great guests and the relationship between Jessie and her mum makes you laugh out loud. Guests include Sam Smith, Sandi Toksvig, Ed Sheeran and Cheryl Cole Fernandez-Versini Payne whatever her surname is now.

The fifth and most important in my list:

you me and the big c podcast


When to listen – Whenever you can. This has been with me on runs, dog walks, whilst working and just bumbling around the house when I don’t have Charlotte.

When not to listen – I can’t think of any time. It is such an important podcast. It does talk about the ins and outs of living with cancer so it could be difficult to listen to if you or someone you know has cancer but I also feel it would be incredibly helpful if you’re in that situation.

What’s it about? – This podcast was created by three women, all who are, or were suffering from various forms of cancer. They talk openly and honestly about all the areas of life that cancer can touch. From the scientific side of things about cancer research and cancr trials to how it can affect friends and family and self-confidence. It is such an informative podcast and the three hosts are each individually fabulous and amazingly strong to discuss such personal things on a podcast. Sadly one of the hosts, Rachel Bland, died last year from her incurable form of cancer which is so sad but the legacy she has left through these podcasts and her other work around it is incredible.

Do you listen to podcasts? Which would be in your top 5, I’m always looking for new inspiration so let me know in the comments below.


  1. Leigh

    13/03/2019 at 7:25 pm

    Thanks for the list – didn’t know about the Jessie Ware one so will definitely check that out.
    I can also recommend Bryony Gordon’s Mad World (I actually got directed to this by listening to her episode on Happy Place). It’s a similar premise to Happy Place, and Bryony is a fantastic writer too.
    A huge source of inspiration and single mum resource for me is Single Mother Survival Guide by Julia Hasche. She’s an Aussie single mum, and is also a life coach and blogger. The episodes range from practical advice, to guest interviewees discussing their own circumstances, and since becoming a single mum I’ve become an avid listener. X

    1. admin

      14/03/2019 at 11:48 am

      Ooo I’ll check those out – thanks so much for the recommendations x

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