One school year down…13 more to go.

Well that’s it. First year of school done and over. We’ve managed vaguely clean uniforms everyday. We were only late that one day where I turned my alarm off in my sleep (oops). We have had no major injuries, but about 432 minor scrapes and bruises. I only received one letter  telling me off about not reading with her three times a week and I only picked her up late once – and doesn’t she like to remind me of that all the time!


I’ve made friends, she’s made friends. She changes best friends on a daily basis. I’ve managed to find donations for the school fete in the last ten minutes before leaving for school. I have avoided baking for all the school cake sales. I haven’t volunteered to be on the PTA because as much as I love volunteering and organising, ain’t got time for that!

 One School Year Down

She was ill for school photos and I didn’t buy a class photo so there is no embarrassing record of her being in reception. We’ve been to approximately 20 birthday parties, some good, some bad, some amazing. I’ve also been to every assembly and pebble assembly and tried not to look like the crazy parent who cheers too loud when their child stands up.


Charlotte has been involved in zero after school clubs – mainly because I can’t hand a reply slip in time to save my life but, despite this, Charlotte came second in the egg and spoon race and third in the sack race on sports day. I’ve participated in all but two parent participation events. The most painful was a video about learning phonics.


But most importantly she has grown up. In height, in confidence, in cheekiness, in ability and in acceptance.  She amazes me every single day and I can’t wait to see what happens next year.


I’m not sure when to tell her she’s got 13 more years of this stuff left though?


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