Putting down the glass…for a bit.

One of the upshots of my horrendously hungover Sunday was that I decided to *read ‘was forced to’ give the booze a rest for a bit. My stomach was threatening murder if I attempted it for the first couple of days but now, after a very long, tiring week where I would have usually turned to the never ending bottle of dry white wine in the fridge; I have learnt that a cup of tea or a soft drink is actually fine and the world will not end if I don’t partake. There’s also far fewer calories in them as well, which my summer wardrobe will be glad of. 

It has also re-taught me that I don’t NEED a glass of wine or a gin and tonic despite how much I think I do. It’s nice to have one but it does not have to be an accompaniment to all my activities as I had started to find it doing.

Don’t worry I’m not giving up the booze, (I’m not sure how fun this blog would be if I did!) I’m just having a rest for a little bit. I’m sure my waist line, liver and bank balance will thank me…even if it’s just for this week!


In other news I am seriously thinking about attending BritMums Live this year and wondered if any of my fellow mummy bloggers, who are also lovely enough to read my blog will be attending or have attended before? Would be great to hear your thoughts on it and the logistics of it all! Oh and also meet you if I do end up getting there! ?

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