Seven days of heaven

I’ve had some time off work this past week and it has been amazing!

IMG_2446.PNG Some of it has been lazy, some of it has been productive but it has mostly been calm and has definitely restored a feeling of Wellbeing that has been severely lacking for some time.

Charlotte went off to sleep easily a few times despite officially starting our sleep programme tomorrow, but this gave me the opportunity to have an evening or two to myself and my mum kindly looked after her one evening so I could go on a date (yes, number 13 and I am yet to make a decision as to whether there will be any more). Granted she had a mega tantrum on my way out so I definitely wasn’t looking my best and felt somewhat rattled leaving the house but I actually went out!

I even used one of my evenings to do the most almighty stack of ironing whilst watching Les Miserables. Rock and Roll I know, but I have been meaning to do both for a very long time. I think I must be one of the only people who finds ironing a bit therapeutic and after belting out ‘On My Own’ with poor Epinine and having a little blub as she died in Marius’s arms (sorry, spoiler!) I felt more and more restored.

I managed to read a book. I can’t remember the last time I actually finished one! I went shopping with my mum – usually a very stressful scenario – but this time all went smoothly with no tantrums from either party. I finally organised all those craft bits that three year olds seem to accumulate into separate boxes and realised I own the worlds supply of wax crayons and sticker books. I have seen friends I haven’t seen in ages and I’ve even had a great weekend seeing friends and spending quality time with Charlotte.

Only problem is…I have to go back tomorrow…



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