Shop till you drop…or scream at someone!

Today’s outing to Tesco has just galvanised my want, no…NEED, to work part time.

I have taken a days leave as ‘grandma nursery’ was not available so Charlotte and I decided to get our mega shop done. And we managed it…easily and with no tantrums from either one of us! I remembered my list, therefore probably won’t have to go again for a while and I even remembered my bags for life!

Compare this to my fraught trips out in a Saturday morning or my ‘quick’ dashes to pick up tea after a long day at work and a long day at nursery for my daughter and it seems a kin to spending an hour in a spa. Calm, productive, serene. I actually feel a bit like those mums you see who just seem to have their shit together. I now know their secret…they don’t work – or three days at the very most!

I’m sure my trolley was even full of more sensible options rather than the ‘grab anything so we can get the hell out of here’ type convenience foods that I normally end up purchasing. I also think I have saved money as I had the opportunity to look at what was best value, peruse the ingredients to see if there’s any difference between the basic range and mid range apart from packaging (usually not) and…drum roll please…I actually had coupons! In date, useful coupons!

So in conclusion, what I would loose on dropping a day of work I’m sure I could make up in savings by not constantly panic buying…well that’s what I’m hoping anyway! I would also save myself some wrinkles I’m sure!

You never know, if I worked part time, I might even be able to place an online order before I run out of everything so someone can pick, pack and carry it up my stairs too! One can dream!


Single Parent Pessimist

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  1. Claire Jacobs (@vampybear)

    29/11/2014 at 10:42 pm

    i HATE going shopping at the weekends, so try to avoid it now i am self employed, so really know where you are coming from on this one!
    Glad you had a good experience, I am very tempted to do online shopping but i sometimes use the supermarket as a way for us to get out the home!

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