Sticks like glue

IMG_2177.JPGI am currently in bed. I know what you’re thinking…hurrah, Charlotte’s sleeping and mummy gets some rest. Well that’s not ENTIRELY the case. The reason I am in bed is because Charlotte has turned into a limpet. My extra appendage which, if removed, will sob, cry, smack, wail and try to reattach itself immediately, so that the life blood which is my skin does not feel the cool air for too long.

A bit dramatic you may think but she wants to be touching me ALL THE TIME at the minute and there have been times when it actually makes my skin crawl.

When we wake up we have cuddles, I love this time. A sleepy conversation about what we’ll be doing that day and watching her puffy, sleep filled face snuggled into my chest is just beautiful. But then it’s time to get dressed. It is like trying to dress an octopus who is desperately trying to get all it’s suckers on you at once and you can’t put trousers on if they’re sitting on you. You can’t put a top on if one hand is in her mouth sucking her thumb (her version if a comforter) and the other is trying to search for some skin to clutch. Trying to get dressed yourself is equally as impossible. Trying to put on tights whilst a child clings to your leg for instance…impossible.

Then breakfast. If possible she wants to eat on my lap. If I try and clear up or make breakfast for myself I am beckoned to sit next to her and any independent eating will cease until I am by her side.

She wants to be carried down the stairs (something I cannot do as my back has been through enough the past three years) so then I have a tantruming child all the way down my communal hall stairs and out into the car park. What the hell my neighbours think I do not know.

Every morning.

I have tried giving her independence by asking her to choose her clothes, helping her dress herself, letting her pour her own milk into the Rice Krispies but apparently only mama will do.

The reason I am tucked up in bed at such an early time is because, at the moment, me being in with her is the only way she will go to sleep. She must be touching as much surface area of me as possible – even once asleep so will lie up close and personal with me and reattach if I try and scoot a couple of inches away. Just to add to the overcrowding the dog, never one to miss out on anything, will come and lie so that she can take our warmth. I have tried moving – she has woken up. I have tried retreating to the other side of the bed but she rolls over until she finds me.

I am so grateful that she loves me so much she wants to be with me all day but I need to make my child more independent and able to stand on her two feet but if you’ve ever tried to remove a limpet from a rock on the beach you know how bloody difficult it is! Crowbar anyone?


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