Thank you to the other mums

There’s so many mum groups out there. Some apparently waging war with one another. Who knows why – we’re all just trying to get through this life trying to keep ourselves and our kids alive with some modicum of decorum surely?

So instead of joining the ‘working mum club’ or the ‘single mum’ club and grabbing my placard to protest that we’ve got it the hardest, I wanted to thank all the mums below.*

Two women drinking beer

The mum who offers me a beer on a Friday after school

The beer is to celebrate the end of yet another long and winding week with extracurricular activities thrown in. It’s to celebrate making it through illnesses and cleaning up sick. It’s to celebrate navigating the tantrums and coming out the other end eventually with a hug. It’s to celebrate that it’s the weekend and you’ve got two days ‘off’ before you have to do it all again. The prosecco after is just to cement the celebrations and the hangover on the Saturday morning is the best excuse for a bacon sandwich to start off the weekend properly.

The mum who is organised and has insider information

You have saved me through many an administrational fuck up when I got my times mixed up or couldn’t find the maths book despite being damn sure it wasn’t at home and wasn’t meant to be handed in until the next day.  You know the insider info on who’s going on the trips I can’t make so I can ask one of them to make sure Charlotte drinks all her water or actually eats her packed lunch rather than feeding it to the birds. You’re probably also on the PTA as well so I have a direct line to all the gossip in the school!

smoothie ingredient: frozen strawberries in clear plastic bag

The mum who always has snacks in her bag

Your bag is brimming full of healthy, nutritious snacks and, because I obviously did something right in my past life, there’s usually a gluten free something up for grabs.  This will thankfully satiate my daughter on the 3 minute walk from school to home, because she will obviously perish from starvation before then and I, being the mean mummy, walked out of the house with only my phone and my keys.

The mums who can do all the school trips and craft afternoons

You voluntarily take your time to spend with not just your kid, but mine too and you make them feel like they are being looked after. You report back after the trip that she was well behaved or you send pics of the delightful cross eyed Santa they made that you missed out on. My mum guilt quadruples but it’s always lovely to know that someone is looking out for my little cherub as well as their own.

The mums who always has cake

This is not the same as the mum who always has snacks (although they probably do) but these are the mums who always have freshly baked cakes at home…and usually a never ending supply of coffee and tea to go with it. There is nothing better than a catch up with cake, helping you ride through that 3pm after school slump like a pro.  If the cake is gluten free as well then we’re moving in!

Lady wearing lipstick

The mums who look fantastic on the school run

You make me feel the need to get out of my pjs in the morning and at least slap some fairly clean jeans on and maybe some mascara…ok not everyday but it’s a good target to aim for so I don’t feel/look like a zombie for the entire day!

The mums who looks a mess on the school run

You make me not worry too much if my hair isn’t quite dry and I’m wearing my comfy jumpy for the third day in a row (I’ve done my coat up so you can’t see the inevitable stain on my boob area).

The mums shouting at their kids on the way to school

To be honest, I’m just so glad it’s not just me!

*Any description resembling real life people are most likely that exact person – some people fit multiple descriptions so if you think it’s you – THANK YOU!

What type of mum would you say thank you too? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Laura

    05/12/2018 at 11:24 pm

    A big thank you to the mums who are always late (for school and everything else) it makes me feel so much better about my own frequent last minute dashing in!

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