The cat’s out the bag.

Recently I’ve been wondering how to progress my blog and whether anyone still wants to read about my random rantings. I think that you might (thank you) but raising the profile of my blog comes with a few extra issues. A few weeks ago I found out my ex has been reading my blog. I can’t see his Facebook as he has blocked me but some of my friends can (the joy of having no privacy settings) and he’d screenshot a post and argued his side of that post. I don’t know which post it was and I honestly don’t care. The fact he never mentioned it to my face frustrates me more.

This blog is written from my own, personal thoughts. It was started as a diary of sorts just for me but I never used it particularly as a venting tool more a way of documenting the change in my life and how I deal with all the things that I come upon in this change. The good and the bad.

You all know I speak honestly, I don’t see the point in not. I’ve written about some slightly risqué things I guess but they’ve happened and I’m not ashamed of them so it’s done. I have, however, now been accused of slagging off my ex ‘all over the Internet’. I have two issues with this A) my blog isn’t THAT popular and B) I don’t think I have ever slagged off my ex in this forum. Give me a glass of wine (or three or four) and my best friends and you might hear a bit of that but I have specifically tried to not let my blog go in that direction. I may have given my side of the story a few times but isn’t there something about free speech somewhere?

So I’m for now I’m just going to keep on writing how I do and hope that people read it and like it and, if they take offence to any of the content they can just stop reading. Thanks to my lovely fans for supporting me and keeping me upbeat through this random ranting journey.


  1. Laura Bovington

    02/05/2015 at 7:17 am

    Well said. My husband often moans at me about putting stuff on Facebook about what he’s done. I told him if he didn’t do it/behave that way then I wouldn’t be able to tell everyone what he had done, if that makes sense?! If he treats me bad I’m not going to tell everyone anything different. If he bought me flowers (it would be a miracle) and I certainly would tell everyone that too!

    1. theperfectjuggler

      02/05/2015 at 7:21 am

      Makes perfect sense and hope you get some flowers soon! X

  2. Sian @ QuiteFranklySheSaid

    02/05/2015 at 8:45 pm

    I agree with Laura and also the quote in the picture. If people are embarrassed when others hear of their antics then that’s their problem and perhaps they should rethink how they treat people x

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