The TRONO vs The 90’s

Do you remember inflatable chairs circa the late 90’s? I sadly do. I’m pretty sure all my friends and I had one that added to our purple bedrooms with stencilled stars and fluffy cushions. Remember Changing Rooms anyone?

The TRONO chair is nothing like those chairs of yesteryear, thank goodness!


The old inflatable chairs had to be blown up my a mouthpiece ensuring you got light headed and nearly fainted.

The TRONO is inflated by a large aperture at the back of the chair and you literally ‘scoop’ up the air around you. You can get a bit dizzy as I found out, but you quickly have a chair you can sit down on!


The inflatable chairs of the 90s took FOREVER to blow up. If you hadn’t fainted by the time it was fully inflated you’d lost the will to live anyway.

The TRONO is ready to go in about 2 minutes making it a great option for mums with impatient little ones.


You were risking its life if you took your 90s chair outside as there was nothing to protect the bottom of your chair from getting a puncture and deflating like my 14 year old birthday balloons.

The TRONO is made of high-quality triple-coated nylon fabric, the same that is used in parachutes, so isn’t going to tear at the sight of a slightly jagged fingernail. You can also buy a ‘bottom protector’ (he he) which gives you extra protection


Those old chairs were bulky and difficult to carry around even if you did want to inflate and deflate more often than once.

The TRONO is lightweight (0.8kgs to be precise) and comes in an easy to carry bag with long handle.


And who can forget bare legs sticking to the garish polyurethane in the hot weather?

The TRONO, however, is not only made from a fabric rather than sticky plastic and also comes with a seat cover in a lush suede fabric or, for the beach or pool area they also do a towelling version. So the skin on the back of your legs is safe.


So it’s official, the TRONO wins hands down and it is decided that The Spice Girl’s and Take That were the only good things to come from the 90’s.

But wait there’s more! They’re looking to make kids ones! Which is great because Charlotte already loves mine and has claimed it as her own! Head over to their Kickstarter campaign to find out how to pledge money to get these mini TRONOs up and running and you can even receive one or more if you pledge a certain amount. The campaign runs until 17 May so get pledging!

They look amazing (I’m loving the covers) and can even go in the pool, so we’ll definitely be buying one to join mine in the park and on holidays with us.

Disclosure: I was sent the TRONO chair as a gift in exchange for this post.

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