The wrong side.

IMG_1791-0.JPGI have decided that Feng Shui is a completely legitimate philosophy this week. The reason? Since decorating my bedroom (still not completely finished FYI) and mainly because I am lazy, I have been sleeping on the ‘wrong’ side of the bed. As ‘my’ side was furthest from the door I thought it would be much easy to flop into the nearest side of mattress than walk all the way round the bed and clamber into the other one. Apparently I was wrong.

Since I’ve started sleeping on that side I’ve had a never ending cold, felt run down, had more man trouble, been constantly hormonal and have generally felt out of control of my life and overwhelmed. So, for no reason in particular I moved back over to my side a few nights ago and, although my brain was doing more than usual whizzing around, I woke the next morning with a clear head and without having to press the snooze button hundreds of times.

The good sleep may have been because Charlotte hadn’t woken up that night when she had been doing since my change of sides.

It may have been that the dog decided that her bed was more comfy that night than a warm spot in the crook of my bent knees, so I wasn’t paralysed when I woke as I obviously had been able to move through the night instead of pinned in the same place by a surprisingly heavy whippet.

Whatever the reason, all signs are pointing to the left side of my bed actually being the right side.

I used to have high aspirations of being an interior designer and the Japanese philosophy really intrigued me. I also forgot that the reason I used to be a stickler for putting the lid down on the toilet is because I’d read, many moons ago, that in Feng Shui, having it up can mean that all your money can go ‘down the toilet’ and for some reason I’ve stopped putting it down automatically. This may explain my awful money situation at the minute. Hopefully dropping the lid will see me win the lottery (a miracle as I don’t play) or see me manage to claw back some control of my finances or find a loophole somewhere which means my salary does not disappear the minute it goes into my bank.

Next task…plants, red walls and a water feature – all placed in the perfect corners of the room obviously. Does anyone have a compass so I can find due North?


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