Things I wish I had a partner for.

I normally hate the word partner. It makes me want to vomit in my mouth for some reason. It's what you introduce your 'other half' as when it's a contentious issue that you're not married and you don't want to answer any questions about why you're not married. Or it's used when you're trying to make yourself sound like a more 'serious couple' than you actually are. But there does seem to be a bit of a void for non-gross words that describe that grey area when they're more than a boyfriend and less than a husband. Live in lover, other half, the Mr…whatever you're calling him, this is why I need one every now and again:

Zips on dresses – unless you are master of yoga or bizarrely double jointed there is just a bit of your back that is a no go zone and that usually is where my zip stops. I now have to carefully consider which clothes to buy and whether they meet the 'single person criteria'…no zips where the fabric also needs to be pulled down as the zips go up, this involves at least three dexterous hands I don't have access too.

Buttons and hooks – again with the fiddly bits on dresses! I love a dress. It is one item of clothing that does the job of at least two and usually doesn't have to fit around my chunky thighs so I can go down a size in dresses, therefore making me feel a bit better about life. But teensy weeny hooks and tiny, tiny buttons at the nape of the neck? Why would you do that to us clothes shops? Why?

She's wondering if all her buttons and zips are done up fully.

Car maintainance and cleaning – this is the most stereotypical thing I know but a) I'm rubbish at keeping track of when things need to happen. I'm invariabley late to get my MOT sorted b) I don't enjoy taking the car to the garage and not knowing what the hell they man in overalls is talking about. Have I just been swindled out of £100's, who knows? C) despite it now being very easy to get your car cleaned inside and out for a very small amount of money it is time I just can't seem to find. I also usually have to take Charlotte with me who is scared of the noises and ends up in hysterics trying to wrench herself from her car seat.

Weddings and large events– Being a single parent at a wedding is one of the crappest things ever. There's no one to tag team with. There's no one to go to the bar whilst you cuddle a tired child. There is no one to give you a free pass to stay up to late and party with your friends or family till they call last orders whilst they put the kids to bed and catch up on the football scores (or whatever men do when they get free time)

The shit times. – Sometimes you just need to vent to someone who is removed from a situation at work to get some perspective. You need someone who can come to a funeral with you and hold your hand so you don't feel like a 10 year old having to come with your mum and dad. You need someone who can just tell if you're having a crap day and give you a hug (or a glass of wine) and sometimes you just need someone to talk to about a shocking death in The Walking Dead.

If you're single what do you miss in a partnership or what could you do with help for? If you're in a relationship what do you rely on your partner for?

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  1. Katie - Surviving Society

    11/10/2017 at 10:51 pm

    I rely on my other half when I’m ill or he’s ill and we can take it in turns to parent whilst the other rests (or at least tries to!) It’s so easy to take one another for granted.

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