Tropic Lovely-ness

I never used to think about skincare that much. I’d grab something from Boots or the supermarket aisles and slap it on my face. I didn’t think I was old enough for anti-ageing stuff so went for hydrating mainly, not knowing how or what ingredient actually hydrated my face. In fact, I didn’t really look at ingredients at all.

Until I started the Curly Girl method. Removing all those nasties from my hair products and checking labels rigorously made me start to check my skincare ingredients too. If silicone was bad for my hair, as it didn’t let any moisture in, what was it doing to my face?


I had also started to become more aware of where and how things were made. Was it ethically made? Was it transported 1000 miles from China and was it tested on animals? My feeling is if there’s anything in the ingredients you’d be worried about testing on a human first then I don’t want in near my face, thanks very much.

A happy meeting

It was around about this time I met Vanessa. A lovely, bright bubbly lady who was a friend of lots of my friends. We hit it off immediately and met for a beer in a pub garden last summer talking the evening away about everything – including Tropic.

I don’t watch The Apprentice so I hadn’t heard of the brand before that first conversation but at first, I was dubious. I’d drowned in messages from various friends and acquaintances over the years, trying to sell me some lotion, potion, slimming tea or makeup. So much so my ‘unfollow’ button was getting a lot of use. But weirdly, I followed Vanessa on Facebook and hadn’t seen any odd pouty photos or any ‘too good to be true’ offers, and she hadn’t joined me in any groups I hadn’t asked to be in.

We spoke about the products for a bit and they seemed to tick all the boxes I was looking for. Natural, made in Britain and not tested on animals. Maybe this was too good to be true so Vanessa kindly let me borrow the ABC skincare for a week to see if I liked it.

Feeling fresh

Well, let’s just say I did. The herbal smell if the cleanser is like having your own aromatherapy facial, it’s luxurious and gets rid of your makeup, and grime from the day. The bamboo cloth it comes with is so soft and much better for the environment than hundreds of cotton wool pads. The toner has a fresh scent and is in a spray, which is a great way to wake you up in the morning and the Skin Feast moisturiser is so light and sinks in easily but obviously hydrates the skin.

Of course, after a week I was hooked so bought the set which also came with a free mask which smelt like berries and hydrated my skin even more through the winter months.

This time around I also tried out a spot prevention serum called Blue Lagoon as I have had a few problem breakouts on my jawline and chin. This serum which helped calm the redness and also Super Greens which is like a superfood smoothie beautifully bottled as an oil. It has so many vitamins and nutrients in and my skin is loving it.


I’m now a Tropic devotee and can’t wait to have a look at their new make up which comes in reusable packaging. But until then I’ll just slap on my Deep Hydration mask and relax.


If you’d like to trial any Tropic products or request a catalogue from Vanessa then take a look at her Instagram account or head over to her website to browse all the beautiful products.

Disclosure: I was gifted Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil in exchange for this post but I would 100% buy again!


  1. Laura

    28/03/2019 at 1:55 am

    Another tropic fan here! Loving the new eye creams at the moment.

    1. admin

      28/03/2019 at 9:57 am

      It’s so fab isn’t it – haven’t ventured to other products yet but will definitely take a look at the eye creams to hide the puffy bags!

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