It’s Valentine’s Day again.

It’s Valentine’s Day again and no I don’t have a date and, for once, I’m not actually that bothered!  Finally! It’s only taken 5 years! I’ve mostly managed to avoid the hype this year and, because I have deleted all my dating apps (yes, they’re still gone, are you proud of me?) I haven’t had the sudden rush of desperados trying to get a date or the panic inducing scrolling to try and find someone who ‘will do’ so I can act out the soppy BS that is attached to all that is the red heart adorned, rose petal strewn ‘Valentine’s Day’.

Valentine's Rose Petals And Hearts
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I say I’ve managed to avoid it but Charlotte most definitely hasn’t. She has been making Valentine’s cards for all her friends, family and teachers. She has been asking to buy small trinkets and chocolate for her best friends and she asked me if it was a non-uniform day because it was a ‘special’ day. I then had to try and explain to her, in my least cynical voice, that it’s not that special a day. It’s a day to tell your significant other(s) you love them, but that you could and should do that all other times of the year as well. I also wanted to tell her it’s a day which makes people spend lots of money on a lot of tat that no one wants. It’s a day that makes lonely people feel just that but more lonely and that actually it can be a pretty crappy day for some people because of all the hype. But I’m not sure she’s quite old enough for that talk yet.


Our Valentine’s Day will be like most other days and, if I’m extra lucky, Charlotte will show me she loves me by not having a mega meltdown, which is enough of a present for me. Maybe she’ll even go to bed on time and, if I’m not knackered by then, I will spend some time with the one I’ve decided to work on loving more.


Valentine's I Love You Typography
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So this year, rather than soft centre chocolates, I am yearning for chamomile tea with honey. Rather than sexy red lingerie, I’ll be in my pjs and dressing gown and rather than getting down and dirty at the end of the night I will be watch another episode of The Good Wife or if I’m feeling extra special I’ll go to bed early and listen to a guided meditation.


So if you don’t have anyone to say it to you this year – or even if you do – I think you should practice saying ‘I Love You’ to yourself more. Love yourself, buy yourself a treat, spend an extra 5 mins stretching, eat food which makes you feel good inside and out, listen to your favourite music that makes you smile do something that acknowledges that you do actually love yourself despite of what youlook like on the outside or how you feel on the inside. Because, let’s be honest, this love is the longest lasting relationship we will all have and one that we need to nurture more and more as time goes on. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

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