Welcome back and happy new year

So this is my belated new year’s post and my ‘where the hell have I been’ post and I shall try and do this all in under 500 words so as not to bore you silly.

My last post was early November, before work got crazy. I sure you’re all well aware, espescially if you follow me on instagram, of how much I loved my job before the past few months (sarcasm intended 100%) but multiply that utter loathing and sheer exhaustedness by approximately 50% and you will have a vague idea of how difficult the past few weeks have been.

Add into that Christmas prep and expectations, the last dregs of FINALLY selling my flat and deciding that three weeks before Christmas, in the midst of all this drama, would be the best time to organise a full kitchen renovation. Walls knocked down and everything!

For some reason i decided starting the elf would be good this year too.


Add to this a daughter who was shattered and regularly losing her shit at the end of a long term, a friend who disappointed me and (as usual) a few men issues along the way and im pretty shocked that I am not rocking in a padded cell somewhere.

So, dear readers, I hope you can understand why my blog went a bit silent. I love writing it but there was just no time.  Even when the good things happened I just did not have the time or energy to put pen to paper and tell you all about it.

A week before Christmas….as you do…


Over the Christmas ‘break’ (if you can call it that when you have kids) I started to think of goals for 2018. As you know I don’t do resolutions, but tangible, accessible goals are great to have in the back of your mind. And the one and only goal I could come up with was:

For the love of god, get out of your job.

And then the new year arrived and everything changed.

• My flat had sold and the money was nearly sorted
• My kitchen looked like it was going to be a beautiful place I wanted to spend time in and invite friends over to spend time
• I had come to the conclusion to delete dating apps and take a break from the laborious, exhausting and depressing notion of ‘finding someone’
• I have been approached, through my then dormant blog, to get involved in a couple of exciting opportunities
• And 5 days into the new year I was offered a job. A job, which on paper looks like my perfect job. A job, which lets me work from home therefor making the rest of my life just that little bit easier to juggle. And after all, that is my one and only goal in life…

To be a perfect juggler.

Let me know what you’ve been up to and what your goals are this year, I cant wait to hear what I’ve missed!

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