How eharmony Premium is personalising online dating.

eharmony was one of the dating sites I was yet to try, even after 4 long years of off and on again dating. The main reason is that you had to pay for it and, after a short foray into another paid site, at the start of my dating adventure, I didn’t see any difference between that and the free ones. So when I was asked to trial the new eharmony Premium, I nearly said no. What difference would it make?

Actually, the answer is quite a bit.

eharmony has always carved themselves out as the best dating site. Carefully choosing matches from the answers you give to lots of different questions. You then get told how compatible your match is with you in percentages. This is great and seems to be fairly accurate but sometimes this much tech stuff leaves you wanting more of a personalised element. 

Eharmony Kissing Couple

This is where eharmony Premium has started to fill in the gaps. They now give you the opportunity to chat with a real person who will go through your profile and pick up on the good bits (I got full marks on my first profile entry) and the not so good bits (I have too many selfies). They show you the ways to ‘cheat’ the system a little so you show up on people’s feed more often and they’ll give you some ideas of how to get chatting with that hot guy that’s viewed your profile a couple of times.

Again, when I first heard about this I was sceptical I probably knew it all by now but actually, I didn’t and Travis, my personal consultant, was really friendly and didn’t make me feel like a sad lonely woman at any point. 

Did you know:

47% of single men and 36% of women describe themselves in 25 words or less on a dating app – well below the advised optimum of 250 words. 

Research also suggests that when selecting profile pictures, facial close-ups and pictures where another person (potentially an ex) is cut out or pixelated, all lead to a big decline in interest. (Hence me getting told off for the selfies) 

And a really surprising fact was that women wearing sunglasses in at least one of their photos often see a rise in interest. Something I’d actively avoided as I thought it made you look like you were hiding something. Let me just get my RayBans out!

Eharmony Sunglasses

So after now having tested nearly all of the dating sites out, would I recommend eharmony Premium? Yes, definitely. I might even recommend deleting all the others as well! The success stories themselves give me hope that maybe, just maybe there’s some light in my dating future.

Have you used eharmony? Are you one of the success stories? Let me know in the comments below.


Disclosure: This post has been written in exchange for a 3 month eharmony Premium membership. eharmony Premium is available to all current members on all platforms.

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