Working 9-5…

I am a civil servant. As much as that pains the very core of me to say, I work for the government. I have no idea how I ended up here, as at 14 I definitely wanted to be an interior designer, but here I am. I am now a sensible, grown up mum who has to think about paying the bills.

I hate my job.

I have been ‘restructured’ more times than I can count in the past five years and I am so tired of it. I thought my luck was in when I came back from maternity leave and was offered a role in the marketing and communications team. I loved it, organising large events, travelling, flexible working, working from home when able, meeting lots of new lovely people, including someone I would now class as a closest friend. I felt like I wasn’t just a mummy again, that I was actually excited to get up and go to work especially considering the state of home life at that point and then, yet another restructure happened and I was forced into an ‘office job’, a 9-5, chained to my desk, office job.

I heard lots of “Well, at least it’s paying the bills” at the time and so I just got on with it, not wanting to whine about being a newly, single mum AND having a crap job. Let’s just focus on the biggest issues, hey? I thought.

But eight months has passed and I can feel morale and motivation ebbing away. I don’t want to feel like this for a large portion of my week anymore. So…it’s time to start looking for a new job. In those few minutes I have to myself of an evening, I am currently scouting the web to find me my perfect job…something that stirs my creative side, something that is flexible or works with my part time hours I now have to do in order to pick up and drop of Charlotte at nursery, something that stimulates my brain, something where I can meet fun/ interesting people, something that pays enough to keep the roof over our head and all the stuff that goes under it….unfortunately, I’m not sure it exists.

I am still trying to come up with that one idea that will earn me millions so if you have any ideas going spare please feel free to pass them over to me!


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